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Leather is a natural product and as such, bares all hallmarks of its origin. Unique and individual markings may appear on a hide and should not be considered as defects. Instead, they give leather a unique identity, which enhances its natural beauty and characteristics.

Leontine Hagoort uses some of the most durable finest leathers, so they will last for years and years with proper care.


You can polish the leather gently with a natural-colored soft cloth. Always test any cleaning product on a hidden part of the leather first.

Do not rub with rough or abrasive materials. If the leather gets wet, do not wipe it but absorb the water by patting gently with a fine cloth and leave the product to dry naturally. Greasy marks can be removed with unscented talcum. Sprinkle on the mark, leave overnight and brush off gently with a clean brush.

Minor scratches can be rubbed off with a clean, dry finger. Press gently, with a circular movement. The finger should be free of any grease or moisture. From time to time, give your bag a sweep with a soft dry cloth—It will preserve the appearance of your leather.

NEVER USE CHEMICALS OR CLEANERS on the leather as this will damage your leather and make it discolored.

Do not clean with products intended for other purposes, such as polish, turpentine, oil, spot removers, spirit or solvents.


Do not overfill your handbag, as this might spoil the shape irreparably, and strain the chain-fasteners, zips and clasps.

Avoid contact with water, grease, nail polish, perfume and makeup. Light-colored leather, particularly white and beige, are very vulnerable to dust and marks. Bad stains are practically impossible to remove. Do not leave products in direct sunlight. White leather is extremely sensitive to light, and they will turn yellow if it is exposed for too long to spotlights florescent lamps, etc.


Always put your bag upright, in its original dustbag and case. Stuf it with tissue paper to maintain its shape.

Make sure that the handles are not in contact with the outside, as they might mark the leather.

It is advisable to air the bag every once in a while.