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Meet Leontine Hagoort

Born into a Dutch furniture-making family, it's no surprise Leontine has design and creativity running through her veins. She studied fashion design at the renowned Willem de Koning Academy of Art in her hometown, Rotterdam. During her internship at Esprit Germany, she had her epiphany moment while drawing her first bag. From that day on, her deepest passion was born. 

Leontine bought two sewing machines, one for leather and one for stitching saddles, and dedicated herself to learning everything there is to know about materials, patterns, and hand stitching. While refining her skills, she found her signature: sophisticated, symmetric, and sexy, blended with her love for Western bravery and Bohemian flair. Kissed by beautiful butterflies and studded stars. Distinctive touches that make every Leontine bag instantly recognizable as the real deal. 

Ever since Leontine launched her label in 2004, she has been spreading her inspirational, positive energy all over the globe, one mesmerizing collection after another. And now, some 20-odd years later, Leontine's luxury label is still going strong and growing stronger. Fully committing herself to only using premium leather, Leontine's designs breathe a natural heart and soul that turns every bag into a one-of-a-kind companion, ready to be filled with joy and cherished for life.

'I wanted to create a luxurious leather collection for the women of today. All ingredients I love turned out in timeless shapes with refined craftsmanship, just what I had in mind.'

Leontine Hagoort